HAN Clean Swaps: An Easy Way to Switch to Green Beauty

We have lots of customers who tell us that some of our products have made great natural and toxin-free replacements for their beauty favorites. While HAN might not be exact duplicates of conventional shades, our customers have said that they come close! We’ll be sharing a few to show how easy switching to green beauty can be.

HAN bestseller Coral Candy delivers a flush of coral peachy pink for a subtle romantic look. HAN blushes are colored with pigments from plants and minerals. Our rice powder, a replacement for talc, absorbs oil and delivers a smooth finish without the controversy surrounding talcum powder. Made with skincare ingredients like organic argan oil and organic shea butter, Coral Candy delivers a nourishing hydration coupled with long-lasting wear.

Bloom is a rosier pink that’s soft and neutral – perfect for everyday wear. Infused with antioxidant-rich ingredients, like acai, blueberry and green tea extract, Bloom delivers natural and nourishing color. Like the rest of the HAN blush line, Bloom doubles as an eyeshadow for a versatile pink addition to any look.

HAN favorite Malibu Bronzer is a go-to for a believable sun-kissed glow. Cocoa absolute, organic cocoa powder and cocoa butter power the bronzer’s rich, chocolate-y color and delicious scent. Malibu bronzer’s smooth finish comes from natural rice powder, instead of talc. Vegan and all-natural, our Malibu Bronzer is the perfect shade for contouring.

Ballerina is a luminous highlighter in baby pink that is perfect for a subtle glow. The HAN Illuminators add sparkle without being glittery. All Illuminators are vegan and free of animal by-products.

Aphrodite delivers a soft and summery peach highlight with a soft gold shimmer. Our Illuminators’ nourishing power comes from organic coconut oil and organic jojoba oil, cocoa butter and Vitamin E.

One more strategy for a smooth transition to green beauty is to switch current products out one at a time. That way, you won’t have to throw away products that have already been paid for. As you finish each old product, you just replace them with a cleaner, greener product.


If you have suggestions for products that our HAN products make great green replacements for, we would be excited to hear in the comments below!