What’s the difference between HAN’s Vegan & Vegetarian Cosmetics?

As we like to say, HAN is a collection of all natural, cruelty-free, vegan and vegetarian cosmetics. Across all of our cosmetics, HAN ingredients don’t come from the suffering of animals. Where HAN products aren’t vegan, they remain vegetarian and cruelty-free. The vegetarian products in HAN’s line are the Cheek & Lip Tints, Multisticks and Lip Glosses, because they’re formulated with certified organic beeswax. Though HAN’s products are made with beeswax, the bees aren’t harmed in the process, and the beeswax is ethically sourced with certification to confirm from our supplier.

In conventional cosmetics and skincare, though, a lot of ingredients that harm animals can hide behind common, inconspicuous names.

Here are a few animal-harmful ingredients that HAN doesn’t formulate our cosmetics with:
1. Carmine – a red dye that comes from crushed insects (also known as FD&C Red 4)

2. Lanolin – a moisturizing wax that comes from the oil glands of sheep. Sheep are raised to provide the wool for lanolin and, in conjunction, for meat.

3. Keratin – a conditioning protein from hair, wool, horn, nails and other tissues in various animals

Another thing to keep in mind when reading ingredient labels is that ingredients can come from multiple sources, so knowing where ingredients come from matters just as much as what the ingredients are. One example is Vitamin E (Tocopheryl Acetate), which can be sourced from soybeans, sunflowers or rapeseed. It matters to someone who is allergic to gluten that our vitamin E doesn’t come from soybean, which can be cross-contaminated with grain during growing. Because of such allergies, HAN’s Vitamin E comes from sunflowers. In addition, HAN Concealers are formulated with gluten-free soybean oil, ensuring that all HAN products are gluten-free. 

For some ingredients, they can either be sourced from animals or plants. Glycerin and Stearic Acid are two examples of ingredients that have plant and animal derivatives, which is why it’s important to know both the ingredient and the source. When not made from vegetable oil soap, Glycerin is often made from animal fat. Similarly, Stearic Acid can also come from the fat of farm animals if not plants like cocoa and shea butter. If you’re unsure about where your ingredients come from, it’s always worth calling or emailing your brands.

HAN prioritizes customer peace of mind, which is why we disclose are vegan and vegetarian, gluten-free, and GMO-free, among other labels. The more transparent the cosmetics industry becomes, the better off we all are.

HAN’s Vegan Collection includes:

Pressed Blushes Eyeshadows Bronzers
HAN’s Vegetarian Collection includes:
Cheek & Lip Tints Multisticks Lipglosses