About HAN Products

Founder Story

Susan had her “Aha!” moment when she was pregnant and looking for safer and healthier makeup that could compete with conventionals as well as be good for and kind to the skin. Realizing the lack of options at that time, Susan leveraged her experience and knowledge she gained from her time at Sephora and her business background to create a universally appealing line of safe, non-toxic cosmetics with skincare advantages that would serve to enHANce one’s natural beauty and inspire inner and outer confidence through the power of clean color. Susan and her family including her Maltipoo live in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer non-toxic makeup and elevate product integrity by using safer ingredients with skin care quality and to get safer cosmetics into the hands of more people through reasonable prices.

We strive to offer the purest, healthiest, and highest quality color cosmetics formulated with nourishing butters, moisturizing oils, antioxidants from superfruits and green tea, vegetable and plant pigments and pure minerals at reasonable prices. Our innovative cosmetics incorporate skin care ingredients to promote healthy skin while delivering vibrant colors from desirable and non-toxic pigments to enhance your natural beauty, safely.


To promote positive beauty and inspire self-confidence for everyone

We want to build a female positive world where all women and girls are confident in their individual features and are inspired to apply makeup to enhance their natural beauty and to push the limits of their creativity.


As we’ve grown, we’ve also expanded our mission to encompass advocacy for safer cosmetics through education, support and impact.

By educating consumers, we hope to enable them to make conscious and informed purchasing decisions in the hopes that one day, demand will push for safe, toxin-free beauty to be established as the cosmetics standard.

We support organizations pursuing the same goal to make cosmetics safer. To learn more about the organizations we’re partnering with, please visit our Social Responsibility page (https://hanscc.com/socialresponsibility/). 

Always Cruelty Free

We never test on animals. We are PETA approved and Leaping Bunny Certified. Many cosmetic and skin care brands claim to be cruelty free but use Carmine, Cochineal or Carminic Acid, a red pigment often found in red, pink, and warm-colored makeup and cosmetics that is created by crushing the female cochineal—a type of beetle. PETA reports that 70,000 beetles must be killed to produce just one pound of this red dye.

We never use Carmine. Instead, our red hue is derived from a combination of desirable pigments from naturally derived minerals and plant and vegetable sources.

Our Manifesto

The world will tell you that beauty has a shape. A color. A score.

Tell the world that your health, happiness, and self worth are the real measures of beauty.

The media will feed you airbrushed, unrealistic and unhealthy images 24/7.

Curate your news sources and follow your real friends instead.

Beauty companies will sell you toxins and half-truths.

Call their bluff. Then call your elected officials and demand greater ingredient regulation.

Take beauty back into your own hands. At HAN, we believe that you’re beautiful, just as you are. If you choose to add makeup, make it healthy, active, natural skincare cosmetics that enhance your natural beauty while nourishing and protecting your skin.