About HAN Products

Skincare enHANced positive beauty

At HAN, we're dedicated to developing conscious formulas and say no to numerous questionable ingredients. You deserve to look and feel confident about what you're applying to your skin. Our products deliver captivating color to enhance your natural beauty, safely!

Positive beauty for people and the planet

We believe that beauty is skin deep—it’s more than the way you look, it’s how it makes you feel. We want to build a world where everyone feels confident in who they are and where playing with cosmetics is fun, inspiring, and a way to enhance your natural beauty and reveal your best self. Moreover, we want to replace negativity, judgment, and comparison with creativity, self-expression, and self-love. This is what we call positive beauty for people.

Our updated packaging is now made from recycled paper and Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic. Some of these materials can be recycled or compostable at home, and for those hard to recycle products (such as PCR tubes) Credo’s Pact Bins program guarantees a proper recycling process. This is an ongoing process, but we’re very excited about our sustainability journey and we hope you are too.

Vegan and Cruelty-Free

We never test on animals (how can anyone test on these adorable creatures?!🥺) and we are PETA-approved and Leaping Bunny Certified. Many cosmetic and skincare brands claim to be cruelty-free but use Carmine, Cochineal, or Carminic Acid, a red pigment often found in red, pink, and warm-colored makeup and cosmetics that are created by crushing the female cochineal—a type of beetle. PETA reports that 70,000 beetles must be killed to produce just one pound of this red dye.

We never use Carmine. Instead, our red hue is derived from mineral pigments.

Meet our founder

Susan had her "Aha!" moment when she was pregnant and looking for safer and healthier makeup that could compete with conventional as well as be good for and kind to the skin. Realizing the lack of options at that time, Susan leveraged her experience and knowledge she gained from her time at Sephora and her business background to create a universally appealing line of consciously formulated cosmetics with skincare advantages that would serve to enHANce one’s natural beauty and inspire inner and outer confidence through the power of clean color.