"Healthy Active Natural" Also, HAN is pronounced han(d) without the d. :-)

We have updated our lipgloss and multistick to become a 100% vegan line.

Yes. Our products do not contain gluten ingredients. The Vitamin E we use is derived from sunflower oil.

The quick answer is no, though we use some certified organic ingredients, including argan oil, shea butter, cocoa powder and cocoa absolute, in our makeup. Why our products aren’t “organic” requires a longer, more complicated explanation.The reason we don’t have organic certification has to do with the way “organic” is defined for cosmetics. The FDA doesn’t define or regulate “organic” at all when it comes to cosmetics. At the USDA, organic certification was originally intended for agriculture, food and livestock. USDA organic certification doesn’t make sense for beauty products, because ingredients that technically aren’t grown (like the minerals we use to color our products) can still be natural.Because of the lack of clear definition and regulation, it’s common for some products to make false “organic” claims in their names and labels without actually being organic. If you see a product without certification that claims to be “organic,” read the first few ingredients to make sure that they’re all non-synthetic and from food-based sources.While we may not be able to claim that HAN cosmetics is “certified organic” for the reasons explained above you can rest assured that each of our products is natural, toxin-free, and cruelty-free.

No we do not use talc in our products. Instead we use rice powder which has oil absorbing properties and helps makeup last longer.

All our products are free of nanoparticles. The titanium dioxide used in some of our products does not penetrate the skin and is less than 1% of the formula.

We ship to some countries outside the U.S. and Canada. Please email us your order directly at sales@hanscc.com and we will respond and include an estimated shipping & handling cost.  Please note international shipments may be subject to duties and taxes which are the responsibility of the buyer.

Thanks for reading our FAQ! We hope we’ve answered your questions and if not, please send us an email at info@hanscc.com/new. We’d love to hear from you, even if it’s just to say “hello!”.

We love to work with bloggers and influencers. However, due to the large volume of requests we receive from bloggers, vloggers and other outlets, unfortunately we cannot address every inquiry or meet every request. That said, we do look through all of the inquiries we receive to collab@hanscc.com and will contact you if we feel there is a good fit. We may be back in touch to ask for your viewership stats, links to your social media pages (if not already provided), and any other information you think would be helpful for us to consider in our review of your request. We really do appreciate your interest in our brand and our mission to be natural, cruelty-free and toxin-free.

We’re in the process of updating our packaging to a more sustainable one (recycled paper and Post Consumer Recycled plastic), but we still have remaining brown packaging in perfectly good condition, and rather than discard it and generate more waste, we will use it until it’s exhausted. If you run into old packaging, it doesn’t mean that it’s an older product—you're just helping us to reduce waste. 🙌