Packaging Update

At HAN, we’re on a mission to help reduce waste to protect our beloved planet and we’re doing so by moving away from single-use plastic packaging and adopting sustainable materials, namely recycled paper and Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic.

This is an ongoing journey, but we’re proud to share that most of our products have been updated in sustainable packaging. If your favorite shade hasn’t been upgraded yet it will soon!

We wish we could upgrade the packaging of all of our products at once, but we still have remaining brown packaging and rather than discard it and generate more waste, we will use it until it’s exhausted. So if you run into old packaging, it doesn’t mean that it’s an older product! Amazon will keep carrying our brown packaging until it’s fully exhausted and replaced with our new packaging. The new packaging will be available on our site, Credo and Ulta.

We’re excited about our sustainability journey and expanding the notion of clean beauty to truly green beauty, and hope you are too!