Rewards Program

Redeem Points

$5.00 off

50 points

FREE Lip Gloss or Eyeshadow

160 points

3-Item Mstery Bundle ($48 value or more)

400 points

Earn Points

Create an account

20 points

Make a purhase

1 point per $1.00

Happy Birthday

20 points

Leave a review

10 points

Add photo in review

10 points

Share on Facebook

10 points

Refer a friend

50 points

Rewards Details

Welcome to HAN Rewards Program – a loyalty program that gives you the chance to receive discounts, free products and more goodies by sharing, purchasing, reviewing and more. Read on for answers to some common questions about this exciting, new Rewards program.

You can opt into the Rewards program by clicking on the HAN REWARDS button in the bottom left corner of our website. Click Create an Account. And just like that you've earned 20 points (our gift to you just for signing up)! : )

You’ll receive 1 point per $1 spent.

You can earn discounts like a $5 off coupon and free products, from eyeshadows and lip glosses to mystery bundles.

You can earn points by making purchases, signing up for the rewards program, referring friends, writing product reviews as well as adding photos in your reviews on our product pages, and sharing on social media. If you input your birthday in the profile, you can even get points to celebrate your special day!

Unfortunately no. Only earned points going forward from the day that you sign up for the HAN Rewards program will apply.

There are 2 ways to write reviews for points.

1. A few days after you make a purchase, you’ll receive an email requesting a review. Simply write your review in that email and you’ll receive points for that review. As a reminder, you can upload a photo as part of your review for additional points!

2. On each HAN product page underneath the product details, there is a Ratings & Reviews section. Click on the “Write a Review” button and write the review for the appropriate product.

You won’t be able to click on the “Write a Review” button in the Rewards Program Dashboard to write a review, since the button is inactive.

Please note, you’ll only receive points for writing reviews for products purchased after the launch of HAN’s new Rewards program.

As a Rewards Program member, you can invite friends to create an account and purchase with HAN for points. Here’s how you can refer your friends:

1. When you’re logged into your account, click on the HAN Rewards button in the left corner of the HAN website.

2. On your Rewards dashboard, click on Refer Friends. A unique link will be provided. You can share through your Facebook or Twitter feeds, or email your friends personally to invite them.

You’ll receive points each time a referred friend makes their first purchase with HAN. As an extra bonus, your referred friends will get a special discount with their first order.

To opt out, just click on the 'Unsubscribe' button when you receive an email about your Rewards account. We’re sorry to see you go!

Click on the HAN Rewards button at the lower left corner of the screen. The HAN Rewards Dashboard will pop up. Click on the “Get Rewards” tab and choose your reward. The appropriate number of points will be deducted, and you’ll receive a one time use coupon code. You’ll be able to use the coupon code with your next purchase. Whenever you’d like to redeem the code, you can go to your cart and enter the code in at checkout. Please note that codes are valid 90 days after they are issued and expire after one use.

You can apply the $5 off coupon on all full-size products. Please note sample products (e.g., Sample Multistick, Sample Lip Gloss, Sample Serum CC) are not included.

If you return your purchase, HAN will deduct the Rewards Points that you were awarded for that purchase from your Rewards Program Account. If you have already redeemed those Rewards Points, this could potentially result in a negative Rewards Point balance in your Rewards Program Account.

Yes, coupons expire about 90 days from the day it was issued.  However, points do not expire.