I was SO enchanted and excited to be working at Sephora when I was younger,  but I learned about the impurities in beauty products over time during my tenure.  I evolved from being informed to being paranoid about ingredients, triggered from my pregnancy in 2011.  Indeed, pregnancy changes things, not only physically but mentally as well - for me it changed how I thought, even before my son was born.  I became even more discriminating about the ingredients in the food I consumed and the beauty products I used, knowing that what I ate and applied on my skin would affect the health of my baby. Wanting to give him the best start in life (even before we decided on his name!), I started to seek healthier options and fortunately natural and organic food and skincare products were readily available in stores, but to my discovery and dismay almost nonexistent in the cosmetics space in mass stores.  Slightly better products could be found in specialty stores but usually with a premium price tag, and the standard for natural then was not what it is today (for instance, FD&C and lakes could still be found in “natural” beauty brands).  My search for high-quality, all natural and reasonably priced makeup was futile and that is when I had my Aha! moment! I thought surely I could not be the only one seeking out cosmetics with these attributes and when I realized this void in the marketplace and how many people were underserved as a result,  the idea of a line of nutrient-rich, non-toxic products with skin care benefits that would appeal to pregnant and non-pregnant consumers alike was put into motion.  A few years later, HAN was (also) born, and as the saying goes, the rest is history. . . Thanks so much for getting to know me and for your support and demand for better beauty! Your health is worth it!


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We strive to offer the purest, healthiest, and highest quality color cosmetics formulated with nourishing butters, moisturizing oils, anti-aging antioxidants from acai, blueberry and other superfruits, green tea, vegetable and plant pigments and pure minerals at reasonable prices. Our innovative cosmetics incorporate skin care ingredients to promote healthy skin while delivering vibrant colors from desirable and non-toxic pigments to enhance your natural beauty, safely.

All products made in the USA.

What Makes Us Different?

  1. We are among the purest, most natural cosmetics line fusing make-up with skin care ingredients in the mainstream market.
  2. We NEVER use FD&C, Lakes or Carmine (from beetles!) to color cosmetics.
  3. Instead we use plant and vegetable pigments and natural minerals to benefit the skin.
  4. Our skin care cosmetics line is appropriate for all ages and all skin types.
  5. All skin care cosmetic products proudly made in the USA.

All Natural

Our color cosmetics are truly all natural with antioxidant superfruits and green and black tea extracts, vitamins, and other skin beneficial ingredients. Did you know that independent studies have found toxic ingredients in major leading brands? COMPARE HAN Skin Care Cosmetics' ingredients to those of other major brands.

Our Pigments

All of the colors in our cosmetic products are derived from plant and vegetable pigments and natural minerals rather than synthetic colorants or undesirable natural sources, such as carmine, the beetle bug that is crushed for its red dye. Moreover, no lakes or FD&C is ever used. Plant and food pigments have antioxidant properties that can provide skin care treatment as well as impart beautiful color.

No Parabens or Toxic Chemicals

We NEVER use parabens or other chemically sourced preservatives commonly found in conventional skin care and cosmetic products. Instead, HAN Skin Care Cosmetics products use a natural preservative system of Vitamin E and grapeseed extract.

Cruelty Free

We never test on animals. We are PETA approved and Leaping Bunny Certified. Many cosmetic and skin care brands claim to be cruelty free but use Carmine, Cochineal or Carminic Acid, a red pigment often found in red, pink, and warm-colored makeup and cosmetics that is created by crushing the female cochineal—a type of beetle. PETA reports that 70,000 beetles must be killed to produce just one pound of this red dye.

We never use Carmine. Instead, our red hue is derived from a combination of desirable pigments including cherry, pink carrot, beetroots, red quinoa and rose flower.