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Get the Look: Autumn Green Queen Glam

Happy Fall! The leaves are changing and our favorite holidays are just around the corner. As much as we loved basking under the summer sun, we’ve been ready for sweater season and pretty fall palettes of berries, plums, and coppers.

To get us fall-inspired, we have an autumn glam look by our favorite Green Queen, Andie.

1. Maui Bronzer

That summer tan might have faded, but HAN’s vegan and talc-free Bronzers have got you covered. Rich in cocoa antioxidants and formulated with healthy rice powder, HAN Bronzers warm up your complexion as the cloudy, colder weather hits. In three gorgeous shades from matte milk chocolate (Malibu) to warm brown (Ibiza) and natural bronze (Maui), HAN Bronzers add warmth and glow across all skin tones. Ibiza and Maui add a little bit of glowy shimmer.  Malibu is a matte fan favorite for beauty addicts who can’t get enough contour. 

Andie’s complexion looks glowy and fabulous thanks to Maui’s natural bronzy glow. Lightly sweep your favorite Bronzer shade under the cheekbones, around the temples and across the chin and jawlines for a subtle, sun-kissed warmth through the colder months. 

2. Taupey Plum & Sunset Eyeshadows

Our vegan Eyeshadows deliver rich, long-lasting color to help you stay gorgeous through those pumpkin patch outings. HAN Eyeshadows are formulated without the controversy of talc and feature all natural rice powder instead. They come in 9 shades, but our fall favorite is Taupey Plum, a dark taupe with a hint of plum in a satin finish.


Andie has the dusky, fall eye down, blending Taupey Plum with Sunset, a shimmery and warm peach champagne. She adds Maui Bronzer to the crease, Taupey Plum to the outer corner, and Sunset over the lid. 

3. Bloom Blush

HAN vegan, talc-free Blushes add a flush of cheek color in pinks, roses, and beiges without synthetic colorants or insect-derived carmine. Pigmented from plants, fruits, and minerals, HAN Blushes deliver long-lasting, healthy color. We loved bright pinks in the summer months, but this season, we’re ready to break out the fall neutrals. HAN’s Bloom is a matte neutral and soft rose pink. Glory is a peachy-beige with subtle shimmer for a healthy glow. 

Andie’s cheeks feature a gorgeous flush of soft pink in Bloom. Combine either Bloom or Glory with your favorite Bronzer shade for warm, glowy cheek color. 

Rose Berry Cheek & Lip Tint

Vegetarian and versatile, Rose Berry Cheek & Lip Tint is a rose mauve and one of HAN’s most universal shades. In a jewel-toned berry shade, Rose Berry is HAN’s Cheek & Lip Tint fall favorite. Apply with a finger on the cheeks and lips for a soft sheer. For deeper color, apply directly onto the apples of the cheeks or on the lips. 

Rose Dust Multistick

For brighter cheek, lip, and eye color that’s still fall-friendly, Rose Dust Multistick is a dusty pink that looks gorgeous anywhere on the face that could use a little extra color. HAN Multisticks are the next generation Cheek & Lip Tint and can similarly be applied with a finger, directly onto the face, or with a brush. 

Nude Rose Lip Gloss

We love how Nude Rose is the classic, subtle-yet-pigmented glossy finish to all our fall looks. In nude rosewood pink, Nude Rose is the perfect combination of pigmented color and nourishing skincare benefits. Formulated with acai and argan oils, Nude Rose is loaded with enriching antioxidants for a healthy and natural fall beauty. 

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