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Get the Look: Autumn Green Queen Glam

Happy Fall! The leaves are changing and our favorite holidays are just around the corner. As much as we loved basking under the summer sun, we’ve been ready for sweater season and pretty fall palettes of berries, plums, and coppers. To get us fall-inspired, we have an autumn glam look…

Photo Credit: Massimiliano Latella

What’s the difference between HAN’s Vegan & Vegetarian Cosmetics?

As we like to say, HAN is a collection of all natural, cruelty-free, vegan and vegetarian cosmetics. Across all of our cosmetics, HAN ingredients don’t come from the suffering of animals. Where HAN products aren’t vegan, they remain vegetarian and cruelty-free. The vegetarian products in HAN’s line are the Cheek…

Beauty Tips

HAN Clean Swaps: An Easy Way to Switch to Green Beauty

We have lots of customers who tell us that some of our products have made great natural and toxin-free replacements for their beauty favorites. While HAN might not be exact duplicates of conventional shades, our customers have said that they come close! We’ll be sharing a few to show how…